Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese supplies wines with a beautiful ruby ​​garnet in aging, very frequent for this grape variety thanks to its acidity. As the presence of Nerello Mascalese increases, the wine wears orange and brick tones in its refinement. The olfactory range is generally delicate and complex, with distinct aromas provided by the territory in which it is grown. The colors are however discharged while the high acidity advises the consumption always after a due aging, which brings these wines to very high levels, comparable to the Burgundians, with the vine that could rightly become part of the great world noble reds. Characteristic are also the tannins marked and well present. The aromas are however delicate and range from the floral of purple and rose to fruity reds, to the tertiary aromas of aging, touched by vanilla notes. Never the less the palate, once refined, preserves very smooth tannins, a soft taste and a perfect balance.