Grappa Inzolia

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Sicilian, limpid and crystalline grappa. The typicality of the vines and the characteristics of the high hill terrain, give the product character, persistence, aroma and at the same time elegance and gustatory softness.

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Myle Grappa - Inzolia is an Ansonica grappa (called Inzolia) in purity.
From a careful selection of our best pomace of Inzolia, harvested in the vineyards of the Colli di Taormina and Castelmola, we obtain this pleasant Grappa, distilled with discontinuous steam stills.

Wine type : White grappa.
Qualification :
100% Ansonica Grappa
Grape Varieties :
Inzolia a white berry. Selection of fine pomace of Inzolia
Provenance :
Grapes of the company vines coming from the Hills of Taormina and Castelmola, used in the production of white wines.
Distillation :
The pure distillation of the fermented pomace of Inzolia is made in discontinuous craft copper stills, with direct steam with a careful cutting of the heads and tails that allows us to obtain a persistently aromatic and elegant grappa.
Production :
Closely linked to the harvest of the vintage harvest.
Taste :
Clear and crystalline grappa. The aromas of smell are frank and fragrant and the taste remains pleasantly persistent with an intense and articulated aroma.
Grad. alcoholic :
42% Vol.
Serving temperature :
We recommend serving at around 18 ° C.
Packaging :
Bottle in transparent glass of 500 ml.
Province of production :
Messina. Hills of Taormina and Castelmola.

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