Grappa Nerello Mascalese

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Sicilian grappa, limpid and crystalline with a harmonious taste and rich and fine scent.

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Grappa di Myle - Nerello Mascalese is a grappa of Nerello Mascalesein purity.
From the best pomace of Nerello Mascalese gathered in the company vineyards on the Hills of Taormina and Castelmola, this determined Grappa is distilled with steam discontinuous alembics.
Limpid and crystalline, with a balanced bouquet.

Type of wine: White grappa.
Qualification: Nerello di Mascalese grappa
Grape varieties: selection of marc of Nerello Mascalese, red berried grapes.
Provenance: Grapes of the company vines of the Colli di Taormina and Castelmola, used in the production of our red wines.
Distillation: From the distillation carried out with steam discontinuous alembics of our best fermented marc of Nerello Mascalese, we obtain a grappa with a rich and aromatic scent, with a strong personality.
The distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components a correct evaporation and consequent condensation in order to enhance the aromas and characteristics of the vine employed.
The distillation is done in a discontinuous plant with copper craft, ceramic stills and with a final cold filtration, in order to guarantee the conservation of the aromatic component.
Production : Closely linked to the harvest of the vintage harvest.
Rest:Twelve months in steel tanks.
Taste: Grappa with a limpid and crystalline appearance, it has an intense and persistent smell, it is clean and neat to the taste, harmonious to the aftertaste. Thanks to the pomace of black grapes and their particular alcoholic fermentation, the resulting distillate is rich in character and personality. br />Grad. alcoholic: 42% Vol.
Serving temperature: We recommend serving at around 18° C.
Packaging: Bottle in 500 ml opaque glass.

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